MRT, LRT train routes now available on Google Maps PH

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Manila commuters, rejoice! Beginning today, you can now find your way around Metro Manila through trains with the help of Google Maps, which recently integrated transit lines in the Philippines in its “Directions” tool.

The transit lines that were integrated in the Google Maps service include the LRT1, LRT2, MRT3, and the PNR Commuter Train.

This is the first time that Google integrated commuting directions in its popular Maps product, which in its Philippine flavor debut sometime in October last year, opened driving directions by car.

To use the new feature, users would just have to click the “Get Directions” button on the Google Maps web app, type the origin and destination points they choose, select the train icon and Google will present a recommendation, which includes the nearest train station to you.

“You can also choose when you want to leave or for Google to optimize the route based on ‘less walking’ or ‘fewer train transfers’,” Google said in a statement.

The new Direction option also works on the mobile apps of Google, as discovered by

Google said the integration was made possible by its partnership with Quezon City-based software development house EACOMM Corporation, which provided the needed application of the four main transit lines in the Metro Manila map.

“Now with the four main metro train lines launched, we are moving forward with EACOMM on expanding public transport options on the map for more locations and transit types in the Philippines,” the search giant added.

The debut of transit lines in Google Maps Philippines leaves only three key features that are still missing in the local version of the app: bus and other commuting directions; Google Street View; and traffic information.

The latter is currently provided through a standalone application from a joint effort between and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), which is now popularly known as the MMDA-TV5 Traffic Navigator (TNAV).

Google did not disclose when they plan to introduce the remaining features to the localized version of Google Maps.