No Apple

AFP file photo

No Apple, I’m not giving in.

Yes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is pretty. Yes it’s thin and makes up for its larger size. Yes iOS 8 looks cool.

But no, I am one of the few sticking with my iPhone 4S. You can’t make me abandon it just yet.

Clearly, I was not one of the hundreds of people who fell in line in front of the many Apple stores in New York. The demand was strong according to Apple. So strong that interest in its new phones boosted one of the odd industries in the city: professional line waiters.

But no, I was still not convinced. I skipped the iPhone 5, claiming it to be too fragile feeling for my taste. I was sorely tempted to buy the 5c because I am a sucker for funky colors. But in the end I stuck with the 4S I had just bought two weeks prior.

I have to admit part of the reason I’m sticking with my 4S is financial, but I can easily trade in my current phone and just pay a few more bucks out of pocket. I just can’t seem to part with my phone.

A friend said it was stupid sentimentality. I get that. All my files are either on Dropbox or the cloud.

It isn’t really about the files. Although come on Apple, if you want me to download iOS 8 don’t make me delete half my photos and videos and practically the apps I use the most everyday (that would be the New York Times app and Facebook which are, according to my usage data, the biggest memory eaters on my phone).

I like the heft of the 4S. I’m pretty sure I know when someone’s stolen my phone when suddenly my hand feels lighter. I also have a phone charger case that doubles its weight. No really, I like the heavier feel. It makes me believe nothing bad will ever befall my phone like bending or some such nonsense.

The 4S also manages to somehow fit perfectly into my pants pocket. Look at that Apple and Samsung, a phone that actually fits in a pocket! No need for a bag! If you go around carrying a tripod, camera, lenses, audio recorder and a bag with your laptop, putting your phone in your pocket can be a blessing.

But sometimes, I feel myself wavering.

Someone at school got the iPhone 6 Plus and I got to actually use it. The camera is better. It’s sleeker. And fortunately it’s an operating system I like (sorry Android but I have qualms about you or maybe you just don’t go well with a Galaxy tablet).

I know eventually my 4S will break down. It randomly stops responding to my touch, the battery discharges more quickly. Apple is already trying it’s hardest to get hold outs like me to switch by requiring massive amounts of memory to be deleted before downloading the latest iOS version. (Yes I know about the plugging it into the computer trick but it’s the principle of the thing) I will eventually succumb and buy the iPhone 6, but that day has not yet come.

I guess this is my way of futilely rebelling against Apple. Consumerism is cool and all, but I can’t be changing my phone every year.

I will be with my iPhone 4S until its last gasping moments.