REVIEW | Dell Precision M3800: Best weapon for a creative genius

Dell Precision M3800 Workstation

It all started with a dare.

Slit it with a knife and see what happens — so unbelievable it was that I thought I was not hearing it right. But the words were clear and unmistakable. And the object of that so called merciless “killing”? A 15.6” display of that touted Dell Precision M3800 laptop workstation, designed for such demanding apps as CAD and 3D animation.

And I did it, with impressions of a samurai warrior clear on my mind. Not a scratch. Do it again, I was told. And I obeyed swinging that blade to the screen as if it was my bitter enemy. No marks at all.

It seemed it was really indestructible. The secret is not because it came from the planet Krypton (not really!) but because of the Corning Gorilla Glass that empowers the frame. That power is surely just a portent of mighty things to come.

Apart from the awesome power it gets from a Haswell-based Intel Core i7 processor, it is extremely portable and relatively lightweight packed with an Nvidia Quadro graphics card, up to 16GB of memory, and both a solid state drive and a hard drive in a durable yet slim and light carbon fiber, aluminum chassis. And, as we mentioned, it’s built for demanding visual apps for the mobile architect and designer, such as AutoCAD, AVID and Maya.

I was so impressed with the extremely smooth surface of the backlit keyboard, I really felt I could go on using it forever with all the apps I can possibly think of. But its QHD+ 3200×1800 resolution UltraSharp display is really optimized for multimedia authoring and editing, and maybe designing buildings, automobiles, and gadgets for those inclined or specialized in them.

Dell Precision M3800 Workstation

I can image the best design ideas coming out of this amazing machine with the vivid and detailed graphics and images that are presented onscreen.

And, all of these are done by simply selecting, zooming and editing your work by your five fingers as the display is touch-enabled.

I’m sure Dell is getting all the rave reviews for this product and the “compliment” of being the best choice to replace a MacBook in a designer’s studio, animator’s desk or architect’s workplace.

Definitely, a creative genius’ incredible weapon.