REVIEW | Jabra 935 Pro: A headset that takes your farther

Jabra Pro 935

Wireless headsets come a dime and a dozen.

But there a just a few products that really go beyond what we expect. Take the case of the Jabra Pro
930, which really impressed us even at first glance. To put it simple, it isn’t like any ordinary wireless
headset you are accustomed to see.

The design of the headset and base is a delight, with modern contours and sturdy structure off to make
it quite a good eye-catching addition to your workplace. But the best addition is the great wireless
functions and audio clarity that come with the package.

While setting up (with the physical unit) took a while; it took time for me to figure out how the headband
goes with the actual headset but after that, it fulfilled its Plug and Play promise quite well. After just
plugging it in on the USB port on the PC, taking calls through softphone apps or unified communications
solutions, like Microsoft Lync, Avaya or Skype was a breeze.

And the nicest thing about the Jabra 935 Pro is that it takes you farther — about 300 feet from where
the base is located to start, continue, and end the conversation, even while processing other tasks and
collaborating at the same time.

Its Bluetooth functionality was scintillating as the call remained crystal clear throughout even as the vision of my distinct workplace goes out of plain sight.

The microphone, which presents minimalist design brilliance, has actually robust features, offering noise
cancelling functionality that removes the background noise as you talk, allowing your caller to clearly
hear your voice alone.

Its impressive Auto Pairing capability allows the headset to pair with any Bluetooth device, including
your smartphone, and offer the same salient features.

Another amazing feature is that you can talk up to 12 hours and 7 days standby time, without having
to recharge up to 2 days—a convenience for businesses with high call traffic and communications

There are big limitations, though, as the headset can’t be used for your landline desk phone — as this
specific product is designed as an IP telephony, softphone accessory. And worse, it can’t be used for conference calls — a drawback that should be addressed in future upgrades.

But all in all, this is an exciting and compelling piece of innovation any softphone user or large enterprise depending on key communications solutions and wireless environments addressing such processes as
customer care, business development, sales and marketing.


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