‘SELFIE’ PHONE | Starmobile Knight is an 18-megapixel cameraphone monster

The Starmobile Knight, the company's latest flagship smartphone, which features an 18MP rear camera, an 8MP front camera, and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, among others. InterAksyon.com

Starmobile executive Elijah Mendoza presenting the company's suite of 11 new phones, phablets, tablets and feature phones to the local press. InterAksyon.com

MANILA, Philippines — To those who like taking “selfie” photos, this could be the perfect phone for you: local smartphone brand Starmobile recently launched a smartphone-camera powerhouse that comes with an 18-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel front camera, on top of other premium phone features.

The Starmobile Knight, the latest flagship phone from the newcomer in the local smartphone race, is perhaps the only smartphone locally available that features the highest megapixel count for a front camera on a smartphone, which makes it ideal for taking good “selfies,” or self-portrait photo shots.

Both cameras also feature dual auto-focus capabilities as well as BSI (Back-Side Illumination) technology, which produces photos with less noise and performs well under low-lighting conditions.

But the high-grade combination of front- and rear-side cameras are just the tip of the iceberg for the Starmobile Knight: it also features a highly capable 1.2 GHz quad-core processor provided by MediaTek, a 1GB RAM, and a large 4.5-inch high-definition touchscreen that places it at the higher end of smartphones developed by local manufacturers.

True to its name, the Knight is clad in shining armor as it features Corning Gorilla Glass that protects it from most bumps and scratches. It also features an innovative two-form dual-SIM slot that allows both micro-SIM and regular SIMs to be accommodated in one phone.

Starmobile’s newest flagship also comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box and 3.5G HSPA+ connectivity for faster mobile Internet browsing. Its exterior, curved at all the corners, is perhaps the closest a phone could come to looking like Apple’s famed iPhone line.

Price has yet to be set for the Starmobile Knight but the company said it will be available locally beginning July.


Barely two years old, Starmobile broke into the local phone market already teeming with phone manufacturers, both local and multinational, selling low-priced handsets featuring above-average specs that have caught the fancy of most Filipinos.

Starmobile’s Marketing Head Katrina Tioseco said the company’s philosophy is anchored on having the right product at the right price — without having to compromise on the quality of the units.

“Starmobile recognizes an unserved market need, which is underscored by the lack of friendly, relevant, and innovative technologies that’s within the reach of Filipinos,” Tioseco said.

Its debut flagship offering, the Starmobile Astra, innovatively married the smart features of Android with a TV tuner feature, which made it a huge hit among Filipino TV viewers as it enabled them to watch their favorite shows even when on the go.

On Wednesday, the company launched a total of 11 devices — smartphones, phablets, tablets, and feature phones — that constitutes one of the biggest product reveals for a local mobile company. Executives, however, stressed that they do not aim to saturate the market with phones and would schedule another big set of launches sometime by the end of the year.

Among local mobile manufacturers today, early-birds Cherry Mobile and MyPhone are battling head to head for a share of the consumers wallets — but who says there’s not enough room for a third, or even a fourth, player to join the ongoing local smartphone race?