Suspected Chinese hackers deface website

The deface page that greeted visitors of the website on Friday night. Philstar system administrators, however, were alert enough to gain control and restore the online news site only a few minutes later.

MANILA, Philippines — They’re at it again. A group of hackers claiming to be from China on Friday defaced another Philippine website — this time the online news arm of the newspaper Philippine Star.

“The Philippine STAR website hacked by Chinese attackers. SOS bosses,” said Philippine Star journalist Aurea Calica on her Twitter account.

Readers of the website were surprised to be greeted by a warning message pasted on the front page of the news website on Friday night, with a photo of what appears to be Scarborough Shoal (or Huangyan Island, as the Chinese call it) in the background.

“Philippines, China inviolable state sovereignty. We are come from China (sic),” the hackers’ message said.

Access to the website has been regained as of posting time. This is the first time that the Chinese hackers have broken into a media website, as previous defacement activities were leveled against the websites of various government agencies.