Trends shaping Philippine IT landscape

Staying competitive in this convoluted and challenging business environment is often regarded as an information technology puzzle most organizations face.

As such, it is crucial that IT managers avoid being in a situation bereft of innovation and responsiveness to
prevailing trends that should lead their companies to move forward.

Dell Philippines country manager Christopher Papa gave his insight on the matter in a short chat with Tech Buzz during the global IT leader’s Solutions Tour in March.

Papa mentioned five major IT trends Philippine companies should not ignore that would greatly affect business organizations and even consumers. These trends ensconce the importance of cloud computing, business intelligence, mobile devices, security, social media, and other digital solutions to today’s businesses.

These trends, he said, are currently shaping IT decisions globally and should become imperatives for local IT
managers to accept, adopt and implement.

One cloud does not fit all

With cloud computing reaching an inflection point, enterprises are adamant in their pursuit for comprehensive
strategies before engaging in the cloud. An increase in awareness of how one cloud does not fit all, the best
interests of these enterprises lie in identifying key options available, such as the type of cloud, as well as
guaranteeing data security in terms of movement in and out of the cloud.

CYOD: the new BYOD

Taking the risks and hazards of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept into consideration, Papa predicts that businesses will start exploring in 2014 an alternative mobility business model that that will bridge the gap between employee choice and CIOs’ management and security concerns for an organization. Named Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), it will enable businesses the liberty of selecting a company-approved device equipped with the right security configurations and standardization. This will decrease the chances of corporate networks being vulnerable to problems stemming from personal data, viruses, apps, open ports, and cloud services.

Moving Beyond transactions to digital relationships with social media

Papa emphasizes that as customer feedback conceives the best ideas and insights, social media is becoming the
tool of choice in figuring out what the individual consumer wants and expects. Today’s social media is evolving into an important aspect of any company in 2014, growing into an extension of a brand and their respective relationships with their customers.

Big Data analytics get simpler to deploy

Observing that Big Data Analytics can be leveraged by businesses for their own benefit, more organizations
are seeking to gain insights on how to successfully mine data for business intelligence. But with some of these companies not being ready to invest in hardware and in-house skills sets to support the complexities of Big Data analytics infrastructure, the opportunity for innovation arises. Through development of new analytical models and supporting tools, more organizations will have the capability to operationalize Big Data analytics with these enhancements. From outsourcing data analytics to cloud-based service providers to purchasing simple data analytics start-up kits, an increase in options to leverage Big Data analytics will pave the way for these businesses to perform better.

Security at the core of business strategy

Always being a top concern, organizations are always on their toes when it comes to security, acknowledging
that it has evolved into becoming the business strategy in 2014. Seeing the increase in risks and the challenges that can produce costly results, organizations are veering away from managing security in silos.

Instead, they will start to take on a holistic strategy, in which the focus lies in connecting security to the infrastructure, as well as information and applications that are considered vital to the organization’s stability.