WATCH | The drone that could herald the end of selfie sticks

A drone that lives in your phone case is hoping to replace the selfie stick with options and angles way beyond arm’s length. Reuters’ Stuart McDill reports.

Meet Selfly – a drone inside your phone case that could consign the selfie stick to the gadget graveyard. Its Israeli makers say it will fly autonomously – allowing you to worry about the picture, not the camera.

“You actually look at the picture on your phone and you manipulate the picture the way you want it to be. You don’t think about what the drone is doing. You’re not flying an airplane. You’re controlling the photo just the way you want it to be. You want it to be bigger, to zoom in? You just manipulate it with your fingers to zoom in. The phone will translate it into flight orders and it will just come a little bit closer,” founder of Selfly, Hagay Klein, saying.

The tiny drone uses high-end stabilization to capture amazing views.

“We took all the technology, the high end technology, stabilizing technology known today in the drone world and we packaged it into a thin phone case. OK, it’s your phone case, it’s always with you. You don’t have to think about taking it with you, it’s with you. You don’t have to fly it because it’s stable in the air. You just take it out, you pop it out, you put it wherever you want and you control it very easily through the application,” Klein, saying.

Selfly has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get its prototype to market this year – selling for $99….fitting most 4 to 6 inch smartphones.

“We built this from scratch to be as convenient and as simple as it is to use a smartphone. You don’t think about how to use your smartphone, you’re not afraid of using your smartphone, it’s just your smartphone. So until now you had a front camera, a back camera, everyone had a back camera on his phone, and today you have a third camera but it’s a detachable camera that you can take it off your phone, put it wherever you want. You’re not flying a drone, you’re controlling your photo. It’s as simple as that,” Klein, saying.

It has just 5 minutes of flying time on a single charge but the company says that’s more than enough time to get perfect picture postcard snaps from previously impossible angles.