WATCH | Robocop joins Dubai police to fight real life crime

June 2, 2017 - 4:14 PM
Dubai's 'Robocop'. Reuters videograb

Dubai police unveil their first robot cop as part of plans to create a robotic police force that will patrol the streets and support Dubai’s security services. Reuters’ Matthew Stock reports.

Is this the future of law enforcement?

The robotic recruit is joining Dubai’s police force to patrol busy areas of the city. Citizens can talk to the robot or use its touch screen to report a crime.

It’s equipped with cameras and facial recognition software so it can compare faces with a police database and flag up matches to headquarters.

It can read vehicle license plates, and its video feed can help police spot risks such as unattended bags. It also won’t take holidays or call in sick.

If the “Robocop” experiment proves successful, Dubai Police says it wants the unarmed robots to make up 25 percent of its patrolling force by 2030.