After German procedure, Kobe’s right knee ‘close to 100 percent’


Kobe Bryant just wants to have a great season to show he has still got it at age 33. But if that happens, it’ll surely be a boost for medical procedures similar to platelet-rich therapy.

Bryant talked Thursday about how impactful the procedure in Germany during the lockout on his problematic right knee has been. Bryant went as far as to say the knee that significantly limited him last season is “as close to 100 percent as it’s going to get.”

Bryant believes it will benefit the Lakers dramatically this season that he has more burst and get more often get to the free-throw line. Bryant and the Lakers mutually decided last season to limit his participation in practice because of the knee, but this season Bryant has been practicing, even with a torn ligament in his right wrist.

Bryant also acknowledged Thursday that he assisted in baseball player Alex Rodriguez having the same treatment on his right knee. Bryant said “as a Yankees fan,” he was excited about the prospect of Rodriguez benefiting the way Bryant feels he has.

Bryant said he tries to be thorough in researching possible medical advancements. He said: “You’ve got people you pay to know these things.”

Bryant’s health will be tested with another back-to-back set Saturday and Sunday, both games coming against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers beat the New York Knicks, 99-82, on Thursday night to reach 2-2.

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