ALL ABOUT TRUST | Carlo Biado, Warren Kiamco learn to play together for golden SEA Games performance Joble Joble

SINGAPORE – Reigning world no. 1 player Carlo Biado and veteran campaigner Warren Kiamco have gotten used to playing against each other in international tournaments.

For flag and country, the two rivals on the table needed to prove that they could work together and they were the perfect example of team on Sunday, showing their chemistry as they clinched the gold medal in the SEA Games’ men’s 9-Ball doubles event.

“Iba yung doubles events sa singles events kasi walang init yung tira namin,” Biado told sportswriters after the win.

“Swertihan lang rin,” added Kiamco. “Kailangan consistent kayong dalawa na kapag nagka-error, walang sisihan. Tsaka sa doubles, kailangan walang masyadong turuan. Kung gusto mo yan, gawin mo. Kapag gusto niya yung tira, napagkakasunduan namin.”

Several times in the game, Biado and Kiamco committed errors but they were able to work through it all.

Biado, runner-up to Ko Pin Yi of Chinese Taipei in this year’s World Ten Ball Championship, committed two dry breaks and a miscalculated placing during an exchange of safety shots.

Kiamco, on the other hand, had an illegal break, one that had given their Vietnamese rivals an opportunity to remain close.

But from a 3-3 standoff, the Pinoy pair showed just what they could do together, rattling off three straight racks.

In the seventh rack, the Filipinos engaged their counterparts in the battle of safety shots and got the better end of it.

The following rack, they took advantage of a missed shot at ball no. 1 then went back to their ploy in the battle of safety shots until finding an opening to build a 6-3 lead.

But just when everybody thought the Filipinos were about to breeze past their opponents, the Vietnamese pulled off one last surprise, winning three of the next four racks.

The Vietnamese had it easy in the 10th rack when they found a combinatiom for the no. 1 and no. 9.

The Filipinos looked headed to wrap up the 11th rack when Kiamco sank three balls coming off a break but a crucial foul ball at no. 2 allowed the Vietnamese to get back at the table and cleaned up the remaining balls.

The Philippines got a big break in the next rack when Vietnam had a costly scratch while taking on the No. 2 and Biado and Kiamco took turns seizing the momentum to make it 7-5.

Biado had another dry break, allowing the Vietnamese a chance to close in, but squandered a potential equalizer when a missed shot at No. 1 allowed the Filipinos to regain the momentum all the way to the 15th rack where they delivered the final nail in the coffin.

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