De Ocampo summoned for flagrant foul

Talk ‘N Text forward Ranidel de Ocampo has been summoned by the PBA for the flagrant foul he committed against Powerade’s Sean Anthony in Game Two of the Philippine Cup finals.

De Ocampo has been order to appear before PBA commissioner Chito Salud on Wednesday.

The commissioner said that the PBA technical group has reviewed the play wherein De Ocampo hit Anthony with an elbow, bloodying the latter’s eyebrow.

“It was incidental contact,” said Salud. “The referees called an offensive foul on Ranidel but the referees upgraded it to flagrant foul penalty 1 because there was blood on the right eyebrow of Anthony.”

Salud, however, can upgrade the foul to penalty 2 upon his discretion.

Powerade’s coaching staff sought for a review of the incident, which they believe should have been called a penalty 2.

Tigers coach Bo Perasol vehemently protested the lighter penalty on de Ocampo. PBA rules dictate that an elbow foul for contact above the shoulder merit penalty 2.

According to Powerade top executive JB Baylon, the official gave the team a different explanation for calling a penalty 1.

“The ref who called a foul said there is no [flagrant foul penalty 2] in offensive fouls, which is stupid,” wrote Powerade board governor JB Baylon in a text message. To be told by a ref that there is no [flagrant foul penalty 2] on offensive fouls opens the floodgates to bloody games. If that is a principle, I will drill that to the skull of Alex Crisano.”

PBA head of operations Rickie Santos said that an flagrant foul penalty 2 can be called whether a player is on the offensive or defensive end.

“It’s applicable to both,” said Santos. “It depends on the gravity of contact you committed.”

Salud, meanwhile, said the referees denied saying that penalty 2 flagrant fouls denied cannot be called on offensive fouls

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