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Does Mark Caguioa think you’re amazing, just the way you are?

It has been two games, but we still couldn’t decide who inspired Mark Caguioa’s new hairstyle. We’re sort of thinking it’s Bruno Mars, but we’re open to other suggestions:

AKTV/Paolo Papa

It hasn’t been the best stretch for Caguioa, who was injured in Ginebra’s game against Alaska last Wednesday, just days after publicly complaining about his playing time. But here’s some good news for Ginebra fans: the injury is just a minor sprain, and Caguioa will probably be back for the team’s next assignment against the Petron Blaze Boosters on December 2.

Anyway, as our way of wishing him to get well soon, here are photos detailing the evolution of Caguioa’s hairdo just this conference. His stylist must be doing great business.

AKTV/Pranz Kaeno Billones

The Jose Rizal look.

AKTV/Leslie Sy

The Allen Iverson look.

AKTV/Joser Dumbrique

The P185 Bench Fix haircut look.

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