InterAKTV Poll: Can B-MEG top Petron as the ‘crown jewel’ of SMC?

Members of B-MEG take in every word new coach Tim Cone says during their training sessions. InterAKTV/Jaemark Tordecilla

Tim Cone made it clear: He wants his new team B-MEG to be the best team in the San Miguel Corporation umbrella.

“We don’t want to be buddy-buddies with Petron or Ginebra,” said the coach “We want to beat Petron and Ginebra. Before we can compete with everyone else, we want to be the best SMC team.”

After winning the Governors’ Cup and making the finals twice last season, Petron Blaze has had the most recent success among the three teams. But with Tim Cone, can the Llamados move past the Boosters in the SMC pecking order?

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