It was Manny Pacquiao who wanted fourth fight, says Juan Manuel Marquez



It was Manny Pacquiao, and not Juan Manuel Marquez, who badly wanted a fourth fight.

Marquez told Mexican media that Pacquiao was so obsessed with proving that he had Marquez’s number, which is the reason why the Filipino took a risk in choosing the 39-year-old counter-puncher.

Marquez told Record, the leading sports paper in Mexico, that Pacquiao was so bothered by the outcome of their first three fights that he yearned for a resounding victory.

But the fourth fight didn’t work in Pacquiao’s favor as Marquez pulled off a scintillating sixth-round knockout.

Marquez had to come out of the open and tell the world that he feels that there is no need for a fifth fight between them because he had proven who is the better man.

Their first fight ended on a split draw in May 2004, while the rematch resulted in a split decision win for Pacquiao in March 2008. The third went Pacquiao’s way on a majority decision in November 2011.

But ring aficionados believe that Marquez is just trying to tell everyone that his stick has rose dramatically following the biggest win of his storied career.

Pacquiao should not expect Marquez to accept peanuts anymore.

The last time, Pacquiao earned $23 million, while Marquez took $6 million.

If ever they start talking for a fifth fight set for September, they better come up with solid numbers for Marquez.

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