MVP steps down from SBP presidency but pledges: ‘I remain committed to Philippine basketball’

Sports5 file/Pranz Kaeno Billones

Sports5 file/Pranz Kaeno Billones

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) president Manuel V. Pangilinan announced on Thursday that he was stepping down from his post due to his reaching the term limit set for the position.

“The Constitution of the SBP stipulates an 8-year term limit for directors and for the President. I am caught by that rule, which I had in hand in drafting way back in 2006,” Pangilinan said.

“Having been present at the creation and with no desire to bend, staple or mutilate that rule, it is my conviction that I that I should not be an exception to it. That would create a dangerous precedent. Further, as a practical matter, I believe it is needed to refresh and revitalize the organization.”

Under Pangilinan’s presidency, the Philippine national team – nicknamed Gilas Pilipinas – was able to win two silver medals in the FIBA Asia Championships, including the recently-concluded tournament in Changsha, China.

The country even made its first appearance in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 36 years.

Despite stepping down, the sports patron promised to continue supporting the national teams in the future.

“All that said, I remain committed to Philippine basketball, to the SBP and its programs, and to the our Filipino fans here and abroad. I will continue to render my support – moral and financial – to the SBP, and not turn my back on the many years that the SBP Team has spent to build its foundation and shape its future.”

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