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David Stern won’t receive salary while NBA lockout goes on

Very few people actually know how much NBA commissioner David Stern actually makes in a year. Some estimate it to be at around $15 million annually while others speculate it could be as high as $23 million, which would be more than any NBA player makes this side of Kobe Bryant.

But for the duration of the current NBA lockout, reports that Stern had agreed to pass on receiving his salary while the lockout continues. Stern also reportedly did not receive anything in the previous NBA lockout in 1998-99.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his counterpart on the NFL player’s union, DeMaurice Smith, both agreed to receive just $1 in salary while their own lockout was ongoing. When the idea of a $1 salary was earlier floated to NBA Player’s Association executive director Billy Hunter, the union leader failed to give a straight answer.

This action by Stern could be a way to send a message that he has a stake in ending the current NBA lockout as well.

It is uncertain, though, if Stern would also agree to a significant paycut from his eight-figure salary in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Philadelphia 76ers center Spencer Hawes earlier called out the commissioner, who represents the owners that are asking the players to take significant cuts of their own.

Now that would be a stronger message for the commissioner to send to the players.

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