Newly-promoted Pachanga sold to new owners ahead of UFL Division One debut

Freddie Gonzalez. AKTV file photo/Toto Gamboa

After dominating Division Two of the United Football League, newly-promoted Pachanga may not be the same team anymore in its first division debut.

Former Pachanga coach Norman Fegidero revealed to InterAKTV that team owner and star Freddy Gonzalez had sold the club to a group associated with another UFL squad, Diliman Victory Liner FC, which could lead to the formation of a team composed of players from both squads.

Curiously, Pachanga and Diliman were the top two teams battling for promotion in Division Two last season.

With the sale, the status of some Pachanga players, including Gonzalez, who won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot trophies for the second division last season, remains uncertain. Some UFL clubs, such as Nomads Auction Manila, have expressed their intent to invite the players for tryouts.

The UFL, meanwhile, has not yet learned anything official about the sale.

“UFL management has not been informed of any developments re Pachanga FC,” UFL general coordinator Ritchie Gannaban told InterAKTV.

Pachanga is coming off a magnificent season, steamrolling its way to the Division Two crown. Led by the return of Gonzalez, who came back to the pitch after four years in retirement, the Red Phoenix did not lose and only had one draw in 22 matches last season.

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