PBA warns Mark Yee for ‘out of this world’ maneuver

On Sunday night, the talk of the Philippine basketball community was Talk ‘N Text forward Mark Yee’s unorthodox defensive maneuver on Petron Blaze import Anthony Grundy. Yee was caught by television cameras sticking his fingers into Grundy’s buttocks. The import called the attention of referee Art Herrera, who called a flagrant foul on the Talk ‘N Text defensive stopper.

Yee’s weird move did not escape the watchful eye of PBA commissioner Chito Salud, who warned that another similar incident would merit a stiffer penalty.

“I told him not to do it again,” said Salud. “I warned him that things like that have no place in basketball. That was unnecessary.”

But Salud admitted that even his referees were not exactly sure just how to deal with the Yee maneuver, which was called an ordinary foul.

“Our referees were caught flat-footed,” he added. “You can call it obscene, you can call it weird, you can call it out of this world. But that was an unnecessary foul, so that falls [under the category of a] flagrant foul.”

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