Rampaging Fullback: Five things we learned from UFL Super Saturday

3. Kaya needs to regroup

AKTV/Mark Dimalanta

Kaya came into the game with a rather unimpressive goal haul of 13 goals, good only for 7th best in the league. What propelled the team to third place was its stingy defense, anchored on a backline comprised of defensive stalwarts Jason Sabio, Anton del Rosario and Adrian Semblat.

That excellent defensive record would come to a very abrupt end against Global. In the game, Kaya gave up five goals in 90 minutes, the same number of goals they gave up in seven games prior.

Semblat, stationed in the left wing, was exposed mercilessly by Reichelt in the first half. Sabio and del Rosario were nowhere to be found in central defense, when crosses came in from the wings. Uncharacteristically giving up free headers and leaving unmarked players inside the box, Kaya’s vaunted defense was in shambles the whole game.

With Joshua Beloya ineffective and Eric Dagroh made to work on his own, Kaya played without rhythm and inspiration. Surely, the players will have their work cut out for them on the training ground. They could do no worse than to start sorting out their defense and build from the back. Aly Borromeo, scheduled to return at the end of May, would certainly provide a welcome boost.

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