Struggling Alex Mallari worth the investment, says San Mig Coffee coach Tim Cone

AKTV/Paolo Papa

AKTV/Paolo Papa

Alex Mallari is struggling to adjust to the complicated San Mig Coffee system, which comes as little surprise to coach Tim Cone.

“He’s playing the most complicated position in our system. It’s like one step backward, two steps forward for him,” Cone told InterAKTV.

“We know he’s going to struggle and we also knew we’re going to struggle with him.”

Cone had his eyes set on Mallari as far back as this season’s rookie camp, and finally got the opportunity to coach the lefty guard after pulling off a midseason trade.

And despite Mallari’s early struggles, Cone remains high on the player’s potential.

“I do believe that he’s worth the investment,” said Cone, whose squad suffered a 98-73 beatdown at the hands of Petron in the first game Mallari started for the team.

“We have to strike a balance between forcing him to learn the system quickly and being patient.”

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