The List: Top 10 Point Guards in PBA History

10. Olsen Racela

PBA/Nuki Sabio

It’s hard to fathom now, but Racela almost didn’t make it to the PBA. He was drafted in the second round by Coney Island in 1993, and was signed by Chot Reyes to serve as just a practice player. Several days before the start of the season, the team’s third-string point guard Rudy Enterina signed with Ginebra, opening up a spot for the former Ateneo point guard.

Rah-Rah Racela stole minutes with his hustle play, but never stopped improving his game. He transformed from a bit player into one of the league’s headiest floor generals after his transfer to San Miguel in 1997. He left the game not just as one of the league’s best point guards, but one of its most beloved players.

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