Locally has mangosteen, sineguelas, and guyabano juice drink flavors you’ll love

December 19, 2017 - 5:34 PM
Newly launched Locally juices come in homegrown flavors like dalandan, calamansi, and buko, to name a few. Photo courtesy of NutriAsia.

If you’re done with drinking the usual iced tea variants (i.e. lemon and green tea), then it’s time to refresh yourself with the more exotic but refreshing all-Pinoy flavors of new beverage brand Locally.

Launched recently by the NutriAsia Group, Locally is the company’s first venture into beverages and it is being positioned as a brand that’ll take consumers on a “taste trip around the Philippines.”

It has ten flavors inspired from indigenous Philippine fruits and with catchy names like Mangosteenie Miney Mo; Save The Best for Sineguelast; You’ve Dalandan It Again; Tamarind My Bell; Guyabano-body But You; Calamansi’z The Day; Pomelong and Lasting Love; and Merci Buco (in three variants: 100% coconut water, coconut water with lychee, or coconut water with pandan flavor).

Gretchen King, Locally Group Product Manager. Photo courtesy of NutriAsia.

Gretchen King, Group Product Manager of Locally, said, “There has been a resurgent advocacy promoting homegrown brands and products. The country has seen an increase in fairs selling local produce, restaurants featuring their own take on local dishes, local art and films being recognized, etc. Loving local is definitely in right now, and it’s a good thing because it enables us to support our own communities and promote Filipino pride, which is exactly what Locally is all about.”

She added that the newest bottled and canned beverage in the market aims to introdue fresh flavors that are great-tasting and sourced locally from various farms around the country.

Musician and Locally brand ambassador Kiana Valenciano at the juice brand’s recent launch. Photo courtesy of NutriAsia.

King shared, “Each of our flavors is created from natural, homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the country—there’s the tamarind from Central and Southern Luzon, Mangosteen from Davao, and Calamansi from Isabela, among others. We aim to raise awareness and appreciation of our local produce, and in turn, support Filipino farmers and the farming community.”

King added that the brand is also the company’s initiative to champion Pinoy pride by showcasing the country’s homegrown flavors and, at the same time, the vibrant local culture: “We wanted Locally to reflect something uniquely Pinoy so we used the names of the fruits, and injected a pun-filled twist to them.”

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The juices are available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets. Suggested retail prices are: For the bottled juices, Php30.95 and for the cans, Php24.50. As for the Merci Buco line, the tetra packs are Php34.45 for 330mL and Php91.95 for 1 liter. For more information, visit @LocallyPH on Instagram and Facebook.

Locally positions itself as a proudly Philippine-made product using locally sourced fruits from various parts of the country. Image courtesy of NutriAsia.