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Welcome to Blog Love, where I feature bloggers I, well, LOVE! This is my series dedicated to inspiring blogging women who are trying to make a difference and make blogging truly blissful. Today, I want to introduce you to a very special blogger, because she is a friend, a fellow writer (we both work as magazine editors for Bo Sanchez’s publishing house), and a home body and homeschooling mommy. She’s got an inspiring story of faith, too, which is what makes her blog truly special. Say hello to Tina Rodriguez, the mom behind

1. Tell me a bit about how Truly Rich Mom began. Why did you choose this name?
The story behind why I began to blog is probably similar to a lot of people’s stories — someone had told me that I could earn passive income from blogging! I actually started blogging at, as my husband and I were still full-time missionaries based in Timor Leste at the time. I moved to Blogger from after someone else said that it was easier to blog that way.

Tina Rodriguez's Truly Rich Mom blog site.

Tina Rodriguez’s Truly Rich Mom blog site. Image courtesy of Tina Rodriguez.

I tried thinking of blog names to fit my/our lifestyle at that time. It was only when we came home to the Philippines for good that I thought of Truly Rich Mom. I consider Bo Sanchez as one of my inspirations, and his book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, is one of my favorites. At that time, too, my husband and I had just attended a free financial literacy seminar, and I thought that everything I wanted to blog about (faith, family, finances, etc.) at the time tied in with the name. It’s also based on our family’s life verse, Matthew 6:33.

2. What do you blog about, and how do you get ideas for posts? What do you enjoy writing about the most?
As I previously mentioned, I usually blog about my faith, my family’s adventures, homeschooling, and everything else in my life. I blog about finances and the importance of financial literacy too, but rarely, though I do hope to write more posts on the topic. I love writing about my kids the most, I guess, and my faith. It’s my prayer that people—at least one person, actually—get inspired by my posts.

Tina and her family while on mission in East Timor.

Tina and her family while on mission in East Timor. Photo courtesy of Tina Rodriguez.

3. When and where are you most inspired to write? Any special space, moment?
Usually, it’s anytime and anywhere — inspiration comes up at the oddest moments sometimes! However, the challenge is to actually get those posts written, finished and published! Since I’m a mom of three now, the youngest being a baby, it’s easier to write when everyone’s asleep. Sometimes I write drafts on my phone and then go back to them later.

4. What are some of your favorite blogs and why?

Tina with Jaimie of and

Tina with Jaimie of and Photo courtesy of Tina Rodriguez.

I generally like blogs that are inspirational and are also homeschooling-themed. Some of them are (in no particular order):
• And of course,!

There are other blogs too, but these are a few that I can name off the top of my head right now.

5. You’re a homeschooling mom and a work-at-home mom. How do you manage such a full home-based lifestyle?
I actually don’t think I “manage” it at all, ha, ha! Or at least, not as well as I wish to. Which is why I am so grateful to God for my husband — without him, everything would probably just fall apart! He and I agreed on what specific tasks are his and mine when it comes to household chores.

We also get a cleaning lady to come in at least twice a month for deep cleaning (thanks to you, for the tip!). There are days when homeschooling is more of unschooling (some days, non-schooling even) but I believe that learning still takes place. I try to make up for more formal lessons on less busy days. Right now, to be perfectly honest, I’m actually struggling a bit with managing everything, since our baby is a bit of a high need baby.

In her blog, Tina Rodriguez shares ways of keeping  kids busy and creative.

In her blog, Tina Rodriguez shares ways of keeping kids busy and creative.

6. Tell us about your encounter with one of the top bloggers in the homeschool community, Steady Mom. What was it like to meet one of your “idols” in blogging and homeschooling?
It was totally awesome! I had never expected to meet Jamie—never in my wildest dreams! On a whim, I thought of emailing her to ask about guest posting for Simple Homeschool and I was blown away when she replied and said yes, and that she and her family would actually be coming to the Philippines!

I tried arranging for a meet and greet with other homeschoolers, but she declined because of their unpredictable schedule while they were here. She graciously said yes to meeting our family though, because she had asked about where they could go in Manila and asked if we could accompany them. So we went to the Mind Museum together and it was a blast! Our kids became instant friends! Ha, ha! It was so inspiring to talk to Jamie and Steve, her husband, and to chat about homeschooling, parenting, and even the work they do for Love 146.

7. What are your plans (if any) for TRM?
Right now, my plan is to re-define what TRM is all about—to brand it more purposefully, I guess. I don’t know yet if a new blog design has to be done in order to be aligned with that brand (hopefully not, because I like what Jayme of did with it). I plan to learn more about how TRM can level up in terms of reaching and inspiring more people, and also, God-willing, in terms of earning income too. Ultimately, my hope for TRM is for it to be a platform for moms to find inspiration to live more purposeful, faith-filled, family-focused, financially free lives.

Connect with Tina through her website: Truly Rich MomFacebook page; or through Twitter: @trulyrichmom.

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