Chow Buzz: Baguio’s Best Take-Home Treats

Your Baguio experience wouldn't be complete without tasting and bringing home its famous fresh strawberries. Chow Buzz photo for

A trip to Baguio is never complete without taking home some of the sweet and savory treats that represent the many flavors of the City of Pines. Here are some of our old and new favorites.





Deliciously rich ube milkshake at the PKNY Travel Cafe in Baguio City. Chow Buzz photo for

For the longest time, there were only two major contenders for Baguio’s best ube halaya: the smooth and creamy Ube Jam from the Good Shepherd Convent and the chunky thus more flavorful Tantamco’s Ube Jam that is still being sold at the Baguio Public Market.

PNKY Travel Cafe in Baguio City. Chow Buzz photo for

But this was until we discovered the homemade goodness of the Ube Halaya sold in the small café located at the PKNY Bed and Breakfast compound when we serendipitously dropped by to check out its curio shop. While at the café, we enjoyed some ube in milkshake form, which is best enjoyed by itself as a breakfast shake or afternoon snack as it is a tad too rich to enjoy with a meal.

PNKY Travel Cafe Baguio
18 Leonard Wood Rd.
Tel. no. (074) 444-5418

The Good Shepherd Convent remains a top purveyor of fruit jams, the most popular of which are its Strawberry Preserves, Ube Jam, Guava Jelly, Peanut and Cashew Brittle. But our favorite there is its dulce de leche (caramel) filled shortbread-like cookies called Alfajor, which is best eaten (straight out of the refrigerator) cold.

Good Shepherd Convent Baguio
15 Gibraltar Road
Tel. No. (074) 442 3865


Black tomatoes, one of the heirloom produce grown by LA TOP's organic farm. Chow Buzz photo for

A trip to Baguio is never complete without a trip to the Baguio Public Market on Session Road, the place where one can buy the cheapest pasalubongs from fresh vegetables, fruits, longganisas, jams, peanut brittles and walis tambo. But, if you are more particular with the source of your vegetables and fruits, and want to ensure that it’s from the Mountain Province and not from China (which unfortunately, we were told, is the source of a majority of the fresh produce found in the Baguio market today) then do check out the LA TOP (La Trinidad Organic Practitioners Multi-Purpose Cooperative) Fresh Organic Produce Market that is set up during Saturday mornings at the parking lot of the Café by the Ruins.

The market showcases the season’s (thus, its ever-changing selections) best organic produce. In our last visit, we found some of the sweetest heirloom broccolis, black tomatoes and flowering petchays.

LA TOP Multi-purpose Cooperative Weekend Market
Parking lot of Café by the Ruins (Saturday mornings only)


Cafe by the Ruins offers camote bread and other artisanal baked goods. Chow Buzz photo for

Baguio is well-known for its raisin bread, specially the one sold at the exclusive Baguio Country Club and recently at the more accessible bakeshop of the Manor Hotel inside Camp John Hay. But, our bread of choice is the more rustic artisanal camote bread of Café by the Ruins.

Café by the Ruins
23 Chuntug St., Baguio City
Tel No. (074) 442-4010

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