Chow Buzz: The Ramen Nazi is back as Ukkokei reopens; Asturian delights at Terry’s

Ukkokei Corn Butter Miso Ramen. Chow Buzz photo for

Thanks to social media savvy foodies on Twitter and Facebook, news of yesterday’s reopening of Ukkokei Ramen Ron, one of Makati’s favorite ramen joint, spread like wildfire. By lunchtime, instagram photos of Ukkokei’s popular ramen dishes started flooding my newsfeed.

For the benefit of non-ramen lovers, Ukkokei Ramen Ron’s Makati branch was unceremoniously closed by the Makati government in early August for some minor violations like missing permits, etc., together with a couple of nearby establishments.

Unfortunately, the other restaurants reopened within a week while Ukkokei remained closed, which led to speculations that there was some truth to the rumors being circulated, that the infamous Ramen Nazi a.k.a Ukkokei Ramen Chef, had irked an influential diner, who in turn pulled strings to have the popular ramen joint closed down. Now that it had reopened however, its loyal clientele no longer cares much about the real story that led to its closure as long as they can once again enjoy a bowl of their beloved ramen.

Ukkokei's Tan TanMen. Chow Buzz photo for

For those who are trying out Ukkokei’s ramen for the first time, Chow Buzz recommends its Sapporo style butter and corn ramen with miso broth and its Tan Tan men, a Japanese ramen version of the dan dan mien or noodles, a very popular spicy noodle dish of Sichuan Chinese origin that is only available at Ukkokei during dinner time and at very limited quantities. So, do come early.

• Ukokkei Ramen Ron
G/F Tesoro Bldg. 
822 A. Arnaiz Avenue, 
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
Tel. No. (+632) 856-4588

Taste of Asturias at Terry’s

An Asturian gastronomic journey awaits you at Terry's till September 30. Featuring dishes like this Seafood Kaldereta 'Cudillero' Style. Chow Buzz photo for

Meanwhile, don’t miss out on this one time Gastronomic Tour of the Cuisine of Asturias that started yesterday (Sept 20) and will be available till September 30 at all three branches of Terry’s at Pasong Tamo Ext., Salcedo Village, and Podium.

It also features special discounts on new Asturian products now available at its stores.The El Maestro Chef Juan Carlos De Terry hopes that his 16 delightful Asturian dishes on the menu can give clients a vision of the marvelous ingredients and flavors that comprises the very old cuisine of the very beautiful Asturian region of Spain.

He highly recommends his version of the Rabo de Toro al Cabrales (Oxtail stew with cabrales blue cheese sauce) and Cabrales Ice Cream on Frixuellos Stuffed with Caramelized Apple Cream, embraced with raisined Pedro Ximenez Grape Syrup.

The menu consists of the following:
The Unique Anchovies of my Friend Beartriz Served on
Special Bread Toast spread with Almond-Afuega Cheese Cream
Suspiros de Luarca
Chorizo de Tineo on Piggy Back
Choricitos a la Sidra
Croquetas de Compango
Tortilla Rellena de Crema de Queso La Peral
Cachopitos al estilo de Casa Telva; the Asturian version of our Flamenquín Andaluz
Paella Asturiana. With Smoked Chorizo Morcilla Lacón Mejillones y Gambas
Seafood Caldereta Tineo Style
Baby Squids stuffed with Bacalao cream bathed with a Sea Urchin caviar creation
Súper Fabada de la Tía Genara
Judión de La Granja con Almejas y Pulpo
Rabo de Toro al Cabrales
Flan de Arroz Con Leche al estilo de Prendes
Cabrales Ice Cream on Frixuellos Stuffed with Caramelized Apple Cream embraced with raisined Pedro Ximenez Grape Syrup
Carballones de Camilo de Blas (Oviedo’s most famous pastry shop) served on Natillas de Las Guisanderas

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