How to keep your Plaza Ham deliciously fresh for the holidays and beyond

The Plaza's premium baked ham is a popular item for festive occasions. Photo courtesy of The Plaza.

The Plaza’s premium baked ham is a popular item for festive occasions. Photo courtesy of The Plaza.

No Christmas dinner would be complete without the holiday ham. Whether it’s the popular baked ham with pineapple glaze or an elaborately prepared one, a good quality ham that’s succulent and nicely smoked like the famous Plaza Ham seems to level up the festive level of the holiday meal.

Keep your ham fresh and tasty even after noche buena or your New Year feast with these tips from Plaza Ham.

If you do not intend to serve the ham right away, keep the ham refrigerated.

1. Refrigerate or freeze. The ham is at it’s best for 3 to 5 days. It should be consumed within a week with proper refrigeration to extend its freshness. For longer shelf life, keep ham in freezer.

2. Wrap in foil. Remove from the box and wrap it in foil to avoid drying up in the refrigerator.

3. Follow heating instructions. While some families prefer to have the ham cold or at room temperature, here are some heating instructions in case you wish to serve it warm.

Heat oven 250ºF to 300ºF. Wrap ham in foil and place fat-side-up in a shallow pan. Heat for 45 minutes but be carful not to over heat since ham is already fully cooked. Remember, cooking time and temperature may vary depending on size or quantity of ham.

Enjoy your favorite ham as the main entrée  in your meal, chopped in salads or omelets, and as slices on sandwiches. The Plaza’s Premium Baked Ham can be topped with a choice of saucesPremium Glaze, Wasabe Mayo, Sweet Mustard, or Gutsy Garlic.

To know more about The Plaza’s holiday offerings, check The Plaza’s Facebook page and use the hashtag #HamAMerryChristmas! For queries, e-mail