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HSBC Honors 5 Outstanding Principals

Winning school principals, from left, Aurora Marcelino of P. Manalo Elementary School, Marilyn Macalma of Cembo Elementary School, Zenaida Penafuerte of Rizal Elementary School, Marciana De Guzman of Nangka Elementary School, and Dr. Elita Lopez of Comembo Elementary School Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

Imagine a world without teachers to stir the interest of young minds and develop their intelligences to create great things. The world’s great thinkers were inspired by their mentors in many ways.

HSBC, strongly recognizes education as an integral factor in the sustainability of a society. Thus, decided to enhance the skills and empower the prime movers and heart of educational institutions—the school heads,  Hence, the Principals Leadership Enhancement and Development Program (PLP).

This powerful tandem of HSBC, the corporate champion and financial sponsor, and SAS’s expertise in training and development, paved the way to produce five exemplary principals. The five stood out amongst the 200 finishers of the PLP program.

Awarded at the Makati Shangrila Hotel last September 12, 2012, the five winners were best able to exhibit and practice their learning and instructional tools gained from the PLP program in their respective schools. Recipients of the award were Zenaida S. Penafuerte of Rizal Elementary School; Dr. Elita T. Lopez of Comembo Elementary School; Marciana De Guzman of Nangka Elementary School; and Aurora Marcelino of P. Manalo Elementary Schools.

According to Margarita Delgado, SAS president, when HSBC wanted  to launch the principal’s training, they saw PLP as a good means to augment the gap in leadership skills of the principals, especially when the Department of Education decentralized the power in 2004 and transferred management in the hands of the school heads without much preparation and training.

The honorees with SAS co-founders Margarita Delgado (2nd from left) and Lizzie Zobel (2nd from right) and Mr. Tony Cripps, HSBC President and CEO. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

Some important principles and skills that they took to heart and had a significant impact were the qualities of a good leader, budget planning, curriculum development, handling meetings, and how to sustain and develop their relationships with stakeholders and teachers.

The program did not just allow the school principals to create projects but taught them how to empower their teachers as well. Most of the principals were able to motivate and instill in their teachers the value of self-enhancement through higher studies.

Dr. Elita Lopez of Comembo Elementary shared, “Before, the teachers were passive, they will even come to school without a lesson plan, but with this LEAD program, it gave me the strength to do what I need to do for my teachers.”

Dr. Lopez testified that the program gave her the strength to motivate and enhance the skills of her teachers. It empowered her to do daily monitoring and observations of teachers, and create an open communication and better relationship with them. All the internal enhancements within the school made them rise to the top spot in the National Achievement Test amongst the school in Makati for five years now.

The principals joyfully shared having made significant changes in their respective schools in the form of reading corners in classrooms, installation of libraries, and innovative reading programs for the students as a result of the training and expressed their deep gratitude to HSBC and SAS. They became more aware of how big their responsibilities are as the over-all caretaker of school community.

Next in the pipeline of this partnership is the Teaching the Philippines program, a project that will aggressively recruit and train top graduates of universities who are serious in public service, to be called to service in public schools,

All these are in line with HSBC and SAS’s vision of a sustainable society through education and a brighter future for the Philippines.