Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Meet the Philippines’ next top male and female Supermodels

Supermodels 2012's top six strike their winning pose on stage. From left are Randy, Gerard, and Jeremuah; Karizalleen, Zandra, and May Ann. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

Former winners have made it big. Charo Ronquillo appeared in big time magazine editorials and modelled for big time designers.  Charlene Almarvez landed the pages of GlamourItalia, UK, and US all in a year. Danica Magpantay won the Ford Supermodel of the World in 2011. More and more Filipinas are conquering the runways of the world and on Tuesday, October 23, these new faces are also set to do just that.  These time it wasn’t just a Filipina as the modeling competition also named its first male supermodel.

May Ann Naguit and Gerard Go outdid the 14 other finalists (16 in all) of the Supermodel Philippines 2012 to be named winners of the said competition. The final six finalists were, Randy, Gerard, and Jeremuah; Karizalleen, Zandra, and May Ann.

Gerard Go and May Ann Naguit emerged as the winners of Supermodel Philippines 2012. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

Naguit has been modelling for two years now and have been able to join last season’s Philippine Fashion Week, while Go has had one year of modelling experience.

Naguit hopes that after winning the title these would open more opportunities and more jobs fore her. She also hopes that she would serve as an inspiration for other girls who also dream of becoming a model just like her. “Those aspiring models out there, I’ve been like them before, just be yourself girls. Always give your best in everything and in anything you do,” she shares.

In one of her runway walks, May Ann Naguit slipped and fell after taking her center pose, this did not hinder in her chance to win the Supermodel Philippines 2012 title. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

Well, what made Naguit and Go stand out? We asked Joey A. Espino, one of the judges and executive producer and director of Philippine Fashion Week.

“It’s the totality that they exuded. Number one is the look, second is the body, the way they move, the mindset, and then the attitude. We conducted a thorough test with all of them, and we think that these two persons have got it,” he said. “A supermodel has x-factor, something that is undefinable, a person worthy of a second look.”

Supermodel 2012 winner Gerard Go struts his stuff on the catwalk. Photo by Rhoy Cobilla,

The two winners have been named, Espino expects nothing but hard work and determination from them. “Those are very general terms but very difficult to achieve,” he said. “We want them to move forward as the world is moving forward, and we are proud that the Philippines is able to produce international models as well.”

“Modelling is what our eyes can see, little did you know that it becomes a real profession, you need that courage, you need that determination, you need that strength to carry on, because modelling is a business of rejection,” he shares.

He continues, “when you model, you always go to castings and you always apply, not every application that you do, you get accepted. So, having ‘no’ as an answer is like hearing ‘good morning’ or ‘good day’, so you have to get used to that, and if you are able to bounce back again and be able to bring back the best in you after the no’s you have received then you have got what it takes, you can be a great model.”