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Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach reminisces on her coronation night a year later

As the excitement builds up as the coronation night of Miss Universe 2016 is only a few weeks away, it also means that Pia Wurtzbach’s reign as the most confidently beautiful queen in the universe is about to end as well.

Sharing her experience during last year’s competition, Wurtzbach reminisced through a series of ‘throwback’ posts in her Instagram account–highlighting her most memorable moments during the Miss Universe 2015 competition.

She started with a post of her photo when she was called as one of the Top 15 candidates.

“Throwback to the night that was about to change my life forever. Coming into the competition, I was ready to do my best to make my childhood dream come true. I really wanted to be Miss Universe. But as I was doing the years of training prior that night, I realized that there was something more to attain here than personal achievement. I wanted to proudly represent the Philippines and bring back home the crown. This was when I was called for top 15 at the start of the competition. And behind me is yes, a baby photo of me. Shown during our short video intros,” she said.

Next is a photo of her in a bikini when she was called as part of the Top 10 candidates. Wurtzbach recalled how she was dying in anticipation and how her heart was pounding when “Philippines” was the second to the last country called.

Wurtzbach also shared how she rewarded herself with a whole pizza while thanking her trainors who helped her achieve the look of her body.

Pia didn’t forget about the story behind her blue Albert Andrada gown, and how she made it a point to consciiusly choose to wear a gown by a Filipino.designer.

“It’s about time for Filipino designers! Months before competing I thought about what change I can do to the Bb Pilipinas organization to improve and help future Miss Philippines’. It didn’t take long before I made a promise to myself that after years of not really having a choice on our final look, it’s about time we show a Filipino made gown. Especially at Miss Universe. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin, diba po?” she said.

Wurtzbach’s posts continued with her reminiscing the time when she was asked about her personal stand on US Military presence in the Philippines, which contributed to her success in being included in the Top 3.

Finally, the well-loved beauty queen concluded her series of posts with her photo of her crowning moment, and how her one-year reign as Miss Universe 2015 were “filled with memories for a lifetime.”

“’42 years of drought and now it finally reigns.’ A year ago, I was blessed with this title. I know that most of you feel like the year has gone by so quickly but it’s actually the opposite for me. My year as Miss Universe felt longer than that. Without sounding too corny but I think it’s because so much happened. It’s filled with memories for a lifetime. The best ones are the life lessons I learned the hard way. But even when things gets tough it’s really your love that keeps me pushing forward. Maganda nakikita nyo pero kung alam nyo lang, mas maganda po ang nakikita ko. Maraming salamat po! Confidently beautiful with aaa..,” she said.