Anne Curtis’ top 5 tips for a summer-ready, super sexy body

Actress Anne Curtis shows why she's always on the "sexiest women" list these days. Photo courtesy of Century Tuna.

“Summer is the time for bikinis, that’s why you really need to be in good shape,” commented Anne Curtis at a recent media conference.

Well, swimsuit season is just a few winks away and that is why Curtis was talking about how one can get a superbod like her and how to have a head start, or else, “you’ll only be frustrated when summer arrives because hindi ka pa ready,” she shared during the recent launch of her new commercial with Century Tuna in a restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

So, how does she get those sexy curves? “I go on a cleansing diet first, then on a proper diet, then work out,” Curtis summarizes her bikini game plan.

She also shares how else she shapes up for the summer season.

1. Have a fitspiration. The 28 year-old star admits that she envies the body of Victoria Secret Model Candice Swanepoel and confesses that one of her goals is to have a body like that of the swimsuit model.

Judging from this photo of top model Candice Swanepoel and Anne Curtis' hot photo above, it looks like Curtis has already met her fitness goals way above her expectations. Photo source: model.com.

Apart from that, she draws inspiration from people who also see her as their fitspiration, “that encourages me to encourage them,” she says. Curtis even recalls some of her Twitter followers who share their own ‘get in shape’ success stories such as those tried the no-rice diet that Curtis also observes.

Actress and TV host Anne Curtis reveals her fitness secrets in a recent media conference organized by Century Tuna. Photo by Ana Valenzuela, InterAksyon.com.

2. Cut down on rice and other carbs. Curtis shared that she doesn’t eat rice, but prefers quinoa seeds, which taste exactly the same. Instead, she eats more lean protein than carbs. Even before Century Tuna has gotten her as an endorser, she loves eating fish, and prefers tuna flakes in oil or, sometimes, the hot and spicy variant.

In a week, Curtis would usually have either chicken or tuna, and no rice. A typical meal would be “breakfast consisting of maybe tuna omelette using one egg or sometimes two.”

“Then for lunch, I will just have a salad, and for dinner, another salad. But I’ll snack in between. For both my morning and afternoon snacks, I take fruits and nuts.”

3. Give yourself cheat days. Or, in this celebrity’s case, cheat weekends. “I save everything for Saturday and Sunday. I don’t do cheat days, I do cheat weekends!” Curtis shared with a laugh.

This is the time that she treats herself to steaks and indulges in her favorite foods.  “I do believe that yes, you should be strict when it comes to dieting, but you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the joys of chocolate and chips.”

4. Work out regularly. Her boyfriend Erwan Huesaff is a triathlete, but Curtis admit she’s only starting to enjoy sports activities aside from her usual gym routine. “I just started to take up swimming. I used to run, and I’m not into biking yet.”

Always find the time to exercise, she urges everyone. “It’s important to be fit, not for other people, but for yourself. Working out gives you a sense of confidence, knowing that you are healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.”

5. Know when to turn your diet mode off. “When I am traveling, I don’t diet,” Curtis says. “That’s the time I eat everything, especially when I’m with Erwann because he loves food so much. We really indulge, especially if we are in a different country, we really want to taste everything.”

On where she’ll be flaunting that sexy body, Curtis revealed that she’ll be hitting the beaches of Boracay and Sri Lanka this summer.

Anne Curtis reveals her no-stress get-sexy tips during Century Tuna's recent media conference. Photo by Ana Valenzuela, InterAksyon.com.