VIDEO | Filipino designers create life-changing fashion solution for elderly wearing catheters

Thousands of elderly people in the Philippines who suffer from kidney or bladder stones and prostate problems have to wear urinary catheters. The catheter drains fluid from the bladder, which is then collected in a drainage bag. The bag containing urine has to be worn under their clothes, which makes walking around difficult and uncomfortable. Worse, the bag sometimes leak, exposing the wearer to humiliating comments.

When his 82-year-old father became too embarrassed to go out because he had to wear a catheter, art director Mon Pineda thought of design that could be offered as a solution. He started conceptualizing a messenger bag that could carry the drainage bags.

His colleague Noel Orosa came up with a more practical solution: cargo pants with large pockets that could hold the drainage bags.

Fashion designer James Reyes did the initial sketches for the catheter-enabled cargo pants. Dennis Lustico, a fashion designer who trained as a nurse, tweaked the design and added zippers on the pockets to allow the wearer to check the urine level in the bags. Lustico also committed to producing the pants at cost for anyone who needs them.

The creative team called these special cargo pants “On The Go.” They presented it to doctors at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, who recommended it for their patients.

No longer do people with catheters have to put up with discomfort and snide comments. Fashion wins the day!

On The Go retails at Php800 and comes in three colors: navy blue, black, and khaki. There are five waist sizes for men: Extra Small (29 inches), Small (30-31 inches), Medium (32-33 inches), Large (34-35 inches) and Extra Large (36 inches).

To order, contact Alyssa Lustico at 0926-7560494 or (+632) 8460915 or e-mail