Family and Faith

While Filipino parents are working away, more grandparents are raising their grandkids

Lola Carning with her granddaughter Carmel days before Carmel's flight to the US last November 2011. Photo courtesy of Rowen Supan-Razon.

Lola/lolo, mamang/tatang, grandma/grandpa, nana, abuela/abuelo—whatever term of endearment we call our grandparents, there’s no denying the fact that they play an important role in raising, even influencing, us their grandchildren.

I was raised by my grandparents because mom and dad had to work abroad for greener pastures. But by the simple thought of taking care of a child, I’ve come to admire and appreciate grandparents more because of the big responsibility they have to handle.

Lola Encarnacion Supan, 68, or Lola Carning to her family, had to take care of her one-year old granddaughter Carmel whose parents went to abroad. Admittedly, she feared of this responsibility in the beginning. “Mahirap kasi bibigyan ka ng responsibilidad na alagaan ang isang bata na hindi mo nama