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Motul to showcase rare cars in MIAS · Friday, March 24, 2017 | 2:44 pm

Emergency buddy from OMP

OMP Jump Starter

OMP Jump Starter

If your car is a daily driver, and the electronics and accessories that come as standard in modern cars, the vehicle’s electrical power source will eventually fail. Add the drastic changes in temperature and the road conditions that tend to to put stress on the car battery, the chances of having a battery failure anytime is imminent.

The solution? The OMP Jump Starter: a powerbank and jump starter in one slim and visually appealing package, offering anytime and anywhere electrical charge that motorists might require in an emergency.

Aside from providing an emergency jump start for weak car batteries, this ultra sleek charger can be used to charge up your laptop, iPads, PSP, tablets and cellphones. It can also supply power to a car refrigerator and other 12V devices and even has an emergency LED lamp for nighttime emergencies.

“It also has a built-in protection system for overcharging and short circuit, so it is a safe plug and play device for everybody,” says Albert Go, marketing and sales of Blade Autocenter.

Blade is the country’s premier one-stop shop for automotive car parts and accessories. Conveniently located in SM Malls all over the country, Blade provide its patrons with shopping convenience and competitively priced accessories and car parts.

OMP is an Italian brand known for quality and its meticulous attention to details and well-engineered products.