Motul to showcase rare cars in MIAS · Friday, March 24, 2017 | 2:44 pm

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Motul to showcase rare cars in MIAS · Friday, March 24, 2017 | 2:44 pm

NOSTALGIA TRIP | 1997 Honda CB750

As old and as lasting as the houses of Vigan

As old and as lasting as the houses of Vigan

As the flagship of Honda in 1997, the CB750 like everything else surrenders to a better make. But here is a motorcycle where the older models are infinitely better. Classic as it is, the newer models may be reliable but in terms of technology it has been left behind.

But that doesn’t stop men who know better when it comes to serious riding. That is, if you consider riding daily in all weather and road conditions as “serious”. This Honda outshines them all. Like the Cub, this is another statement in understatement.

My frequent use of the CB didn’t even warrant a visit to the mechanic. I only dropped by for the usual tune up and oil change. I tremendously enjoy whiffing past by anything and surprise them because of the stock mufflers. I was never big on loud pipes. I already get enough attention from my hair and ghastly white skin and my cartoon voice.

This is probably the smoothest and quietest Honda there is. Indeed you suddenly feel friendly riding on one. No wonder their ad campaign stated “You Meet the Friendliest People on a Honda”. They weren’t kidding. Even if I was cut by a jeepney my response was, “Ok lang. Ingat sa susunod”. Compared to the Bandit where I scream profanities that the Sisters of the Assumption would bitch-slap me on the spot.

But this won’t stop you from riding the quiet one in a competitive style. I once outperformed two liter bikes on Kenon Road. I don’t know what got into me but these two guys just triggered it. It was stupid of me doing so with the stock tires and all so I was slipping like I was doing flat track racing. They were right behind me assuming the race position but the CB was teasing me more than the two riders.

As we hit Rosario we pull over and one of the riders says, “That was good riding. You had some moments there.” Perhaps he was referring to my drifting. “Was that deliberate?” I said, “I was??” They should see me in EDSA. It’s the daily grind that got me into shape.

I told them to go ahead while I wait for the others. My BP was probably up two notches from the excitement. This psyche is something I decided long time ago not to have.

This experience proved a lot on the CB750. Construed as a UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) or commuter bike as we know it, it was designed primarily for the daily rider. But it can be also used for a lot of other things. But I wouldn’t use it for racing. Not unless you want your balls to reach Mickey Mouse heights.

“Which way to the lu?”

“Which way to the lu?”

Honda CB 750
Vital Statistics

Engine: In line four cylinder, air/oil cooled four stroke
Capacity: 747cc
Compression: 9.3:1
Bore x Stroke: 67mm x 53mm
Peak power(est.): 70bhp @ 9500rpm
Gears: 6 speed

Frame: Steel tubular cradle, oil bearing
Front suspension: 39mm adjustable forks, with anti-dive mechanism
Rear suspension: Honda twin shocks, multi-adjustable
Brakes: Twin 281mm front discs, 2 piston calipers. Single rear disc, 2 piston caliper.
Wheels/Tires: Comstar cast wheels, 110/90 16 inch front, 130/80 18 inch rear

Top speed (est.): 130mph