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Motul to showcase rare cars in MIAS · Friday, March 24, 2017 | 2:44 pm

RACING SEATS | No compromise with Sabelt

Sabelt bucket seat

Sabelt bucket seat

With its vast experience in racing, Sabelt has designed and engineered technologically advanced products in collaboration with race teams and automotive manufacturers. In fact, these companies have found the ideal partner in Sabelt in order to develop and complement their variants, which adheres to their goal of providing their patrons with excellent craftsmanship, cutting edge design that conforms with a global standard of quality.

Designed by Sabelt Style Center, the company’s line of sport buckets seats stem out of the same philosophy that inspired, in the 60′s, the creation of racing seats for the racing cars of the yore. These monococque seats, clearly were designed and produced by Roberto Fusina, with their rounded lines and marked containment bands, suitable either for track racing and tourist use.

Sabelt features a carbon and fiberglass shell, produced by a resin transfer molding process (RTM). The dimensions and containment of its racing/bucket seat line and the rake of the backrest make it suitable for all types of competition. With four sizes available (M, L, XL, and XXL) and consequently two different nominal shell sizes, all Sabelt seats are fully adaptable to the specified car.

Equipped with a release and forward-tipping lever, the backrest embodies the headrest and shows the typical slit for the passage of four-point seat belts. In addition, the shell (with its newfangled supporting backrest) and the cushion plate are made out of white compound material, formed by structural polyester resins with 1″ glass fibers, and are moulded using state-of-the-art SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) technology.

Sabelt is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of racing seats, supplying marquee brands such as Ferrari, McLaren and Jaguar. Sabelt’s racing seat line ranges from Ultra lightweight one-piece carbon buckets, to some of the most affordable FIA regulated seats in the market.

Prices start at P23,500.