Online petition wants to raise age of determining statutory rape

An organization made an online petition to raise the age of determining statutory rape in the Philippines from the legislated 12 years old. Child Rights...

Corals from Philippines found illegally sold in US gift shop

Corals found in Philippine waters are allegedly being sold in a gift shop in the US, photos of which went viral on social media,...

A debate on ‘Pacquiao the Boxer’ versus ‘Pacquiao the Politician’

The premise is simple: can Manny Pacquiao the boxer be separated from Manny Pacquiao the senator?

‘Accompanied, attended, covered’ and other ‘accomplishments’ of Mocha Uson

Mocha Uson has accompanied the president, covered and attended events and "scheduled visits to different government agencies," according to her job description, duties and...

A back and forth with the church: What went before Duterte’s ‘sorry, God’

Insults, condemnations, dialogue, reconciliations, insults again, dialogue, an apology to God alone.

Metro Manila wakes up to ‘Province of China’ banners

Filipinos in Metro Manila were shocked Thursday morning to see tarpaulin banners proclaiming the Philippines as a 'Province of China' displayed on several footbridges. The...
MANILA — Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday he would not seek a second term under a new constitution, countering suspicions he might seek to overturn the single-term limit which will not allow him to stay in office beyond 2022. A...

For wearing face mask at work, film council’s Liza Diño urged to be professional

Liza Diño, chair of the Development Council of the Philippines, posted a photo of herself wearing a moisturizing face mask apparently while at work.

Philippine troops retake town after 12-hour standoff with Islamists

MANILA — Philippine soldiers backed by armored vehicles have retaken a southern town held for 12 hours by pro-Islamic State militants, the army said...

‘We were wronged!’ and other things politicos said about ‘basketbrawl’

The noise from the free-for-all between the Gilas Pilipinas and Australia Boomers has yet to die down. And as the basketball-loving nation braces for the coming disciplinary proceedings under FIBA, the Philippines' leaders are also starting to speak out.

All the books about Duterte since he became president two years ago

With the release of the first textual biography about Rodrigo Duterte, we list down other books by known publishers about the president.

Why religious slurs by top officials cannot be taken lightly

It was not the first time President Duterte dropped very public criticisms against the belief of a religious majority. This is why such remarks are a big deal.

What a UN pact says about jailing of minors in anti-tambay campaign

President Rodrigo Duterte's campaign to rid the streets of so-called loiterers has resulted in minors being put to jail, in a move that seems at odds with a United Nations treaty.