OOPS! Perpetual Help Altas show up for NCAA game wearing wrong uniform

Wikicommons file

In their NCAA Season 93 debut game on Tuesday, the Perpetual Help Altas came in unprepared against the CSB Blazers.

And it wasn’t about not holding practice during the off-season or ignoring the scouting report: the Altas wore the wrong uniform.

Here’s what CSB assistant coach Charles Tiu tweeted before the game:

But the game still pushed through despite both teams wearing dark uniforms. As a punishment, officials handed a technical foul to the Altas, giving the Blazers a 1-0 lead even before the game started.

However, the Blazers weren’t happy with the slight edge awarded to them. They eventually lost by four points, 69-65.

CSB coach TY Tang said he is putting the game under protest, as he believes that the match should have been forfeited in their favor.

Apparently, the junior Altas also brought the wrong uniform during their earlier match against the Blazers.

Someone from the Perpetual Help team management clearly committed a mistake that led to this blunder. It remains to be seen what NCAA’s decision will be regarding the matter.

UPDATE: The NCAA voided Perpetual’s win on Tuesday night.