WATCH | Robot avatar Walk-Man debuts slimmer, quicker physique

A new and improved version of the humanoid robot Walk-Man is tested as a robotic avatar for supporting emergency response teams.

Chinese scientists create gas detector as sensitive as dog’s sniffer

A team of Chinese scientists has used graphene to create an artificial gas detector that is as good as a dog's nose.

Twitter appoints Parag Agrawal as Chief Technology Officer

Twitter Inc appointed Parag Agrawal as Chief Technology Officer on Thursday, according to an update on the social media company’s website.

CLIMATE CHANGE | Far northern permafrost may unleash carbon within decades: NASA study

A U.S. study showed that permafrost in the coldest northern Arctic, previously thought to be temporarily shielded from global warming, will thaw enough to become a permanent source of carbon to the atmosphere in this century.

WATCH | Prepaid load user to telco: ‘I have the right to know exactly how my load is used...

Several mobile phone users testified before the Senate Committee on Science and Technology Monday in connection with the involuntary diminution of prepaid mobile load,...

WATCH | Twitter hits a cultural sweet spot in Japan

Twitter finally turned its first quarterly profit, and part of that has to do with its success in Japan.
A single card that allows shoppers to access various payment options from multiple accounts is being displayed at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

MWC 2018 | Mobile World Congress opens its doors in Barcelona

The 2018 MWC has as its motto "Creating a Better Future" to demonstrate its commitment to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the benefits offered by mobile technology.

Apple plans biggest iPhone yet for 2018 — Bloomberg

Apple Inc is preparing to release three new smartphones later this year, including the largest iPhone ever.

MWC 2018 | Huawei in early 5G trials with 30 telcos

The chief executive of Huawei said the pace of commercialisation for next-generation 5G wireless network is picking up as the Chinese telecom equipment maker has begun pre-commercial development with more than 30 network operators.


Physicist Stephen Hawking, who conquered the stars, dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, who sought to explain some of the most complicated questions of life while himself working under the shadow of a likely premature death, has died at 76.

Researchers identify over 500 genes related to intelligence

Some 538 genes that play a role in intellectual ability have been identified by a team of international researchers, according to a study.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft shows Jupiter beneath the clouds

The interior of Jupiter is just as intriguing as the planet’s dazzling surface, with a swirling mixture of liquid hydrogen and helium at its center, vast atmospheric jet streams and exotic gravitational properties, scientists said on Wednesday.

De Los Santos Med unveils affordable new cardiac cath lab facility

De Los Santos Medical Center, a subsidiary of the MVP Group of Companies under the banner of Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc. (MPHHI), recently...

Mars orbiter on precautionary standby mode: NASA

In response to sensing an unexpectedly low battery voltage, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, at Mars since 2006, put itself into a precautionary standby mode this week, according to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Hunting, loss of habitat halves orangutan population in Borneo

Hunting by people and habitation destruction by oil palm, paper, logging and mining industries helped drive a startling drop of about 50 percent in the orangutan population on the island of Borneo from 1999 to 2015, scientists said on Thursday.