Thank God it’s Friday! Enjoy but take care of your liver, too

InterAksyon file photo by Bernard Testa.

How did your week go?

From Manic Monday to a week of deadlines to beat, meetings to catch, and other roles to do, Thank God its Friday brings in relief for most of us.

Celebrating the end of the week by dining out and drinking with friends is just right after all that hard work but health experts are also reminding the public to go easy on taking alcohol and eating rich foods to avoid having fatty liver..

Fatty liver disease is the state where there is too much fat build-up in the liver. When you take in too much fatty food, individual liver cells turn into little balls of fat. If this condition accelerates, it can lead to inflammation and damage of liver tissues, resulting to liver cirrhosis, an irreversible liver condition.

If you want to keep your liver healthy, consider avoiding or minimizing your intake of alcohol, sugary foods, refined and processed foods, and rich and fatty meats.

Get into healthy liver habits such as drinking eight glasses of water a day, exercising regularly, eating lean meats and preferably organic stuff like vegetables and fruits, and quitting smoking, to name a few.

Taking herbs like milk thistle dandelion root, and turmeric are also good for liver health.

Regular medical check-ups are also necessary to maintain one’s healthy.

Taking supplements like Liverguard (available in all Mercury Drugstores, Php15 per capsule) could also help in repairing damaged liver cells and strengthening the liver’s storage function. Liverguard has 450mg of Silymarin and 50mg of Lecithin, an all-natural ingredient that also acts as an antioxidant. These ingredients combined have the potential to shield liver cells and prevents further damage to your liver. (For updates and more info, Liver Guard’s Facebook page.