NoKor ICBM launch

U.N. chief offers to broker North Korea talks

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was time to "dial down rhetoric and dial up diplomacy" on North Korea and that he had told Russia, Japan, the United States, China and North and South Korea that he was available to help broker talks.

37 inmates killed in government raid on Venezuelan prison

Thirty-seven inmates were killed during an overnight raid by government security forces on a prison in Venezuela's southern jungle state of Amazonas, the governor said on Wednesday.

Trump scraps business councils after CEOs quit over Charlottesville

President Donald Trump announced the disbanding of two high-profile business advisory councils on Wednesday after several chief executives quit in protest over his remarks blaming weekend violence in Virginia not only on white nationalists but also on anti-racism activists who opposed them.

North Korea’s Kim holds off on Guam missile plan; Seoul says will prevent war

North Korea's leader has delayed a decision on firing missiles towards Guam while he waits to see what the United States does next, the North's state media said on Tuesday, as South Korea's president said Seoul would seek to prevent war by all means.

Taiwan on high alert after Chinese air force drills

Taiwan's military is on a high state of alert following three straight days of drills by the Chinese air force near to the self-ruled island which Beijing claims as its own, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

South Korea ‘will block war by all means’ – president

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday there will be no military action upon the Korean peninsula without Seoul's consent and that the government would prevent war by all means.
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned on Monday that the military would be prepared to intercept a missile fired by North Korea if it was headed to Guam, while North Korean leader Kim Jong Un alerted his army that it should always be fire-ready.

North Korea needs 1 to 2 years more to master missile re-entry technology – SoKor defense exec

North Korea still does not appear to have mastered missile re-entry technology and will take at least one or two more years to do so, although its ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead is advancing quickly, South Korea's vice defense minister said.

BEYOND EMBARGO | N. Korea factories humming with ‘Made in China’ clothes, traders say

Using North Korea to produce cheap clothes for sale around the globe shows that for every door that is closed by ever-tightening UN sanctions another one may open. The UN sanctions, introduced to punish North Korea for its missile and nuclear programs, do not include any bans on textile exports.

‘KIM JONG UN? WALA YAN!’ | Despite escalating threats of attack on Guam, no one is shipping out

North Korea is threatening to ignite an “enveloping fire” of ballistic missiles aimed at Guam, but no one is budging. The island remains calm — almost stoic — shrugging off reports about the supposed mid-August crack of doom. For most Filipinos living on Guam, packing up is out of the question.
Kim Trump combopic

OVER-THE-TOP, BELLICOSE RHETORIC | N.Korea warns of nuclear war, Trump says U.S. is ‘locked and loaded’

Moscow is worried by the mutual threats being traded by Washington and Pyongyang: "It is now starting to go over the top. We still...
Bahrumsyah Indonesia jihadist

JAD RADICAL GROUP | Indonesia arrests alleged recruiter for Marawi siege

The man detained at a residential complex on the outskirts of Jakarta is believed to be a member of Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), an Indonesian radical group that has pledged allegiance to IS.

Trump declares national emergency over opioid abuse

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency and said his administration was drafting papers to make it official.