WATCH | Hothead Geisler detained and booked for alarm and scandal in QC

October 18, 2017 - 1:39 AM
Baron Geisler
Geisler behind bars at Quezon City police station prior to inquest proceedings for causing alarm and scandal.

The actor was in vintage firebrand mood, and the scene could be straight out of the location shoot of yet another mix-it-up drama.

But, for the controversial actor Baron Geisler, whose name has become synonymous with the rabble rouser label, the scene in the Quezon City police station had the word “reality” pasted all over the place.

Baron had become entangled in yet another troublesome situation at a restobar, and was booked for unjust vexation and alarm and scandal in the wake of a commotion Monday evening.

He managed to enter the restobar, where he had been banned for getting in past scuffles and unruly behavior.

The manager related that the actor was notorious for leaving unpaid bills and raising his voice at the establishment’s servers, among others.

At around 9:00 p.m., added the manager, when Baron became drunk and unwieldy, he was approached by the security staff and resisted, pushing back against the guard and spewing a litany of “not good words” at the other customers.

Law enforcers were called in, and he was brought to inquest proceedings for appropriate processing.