Beauty vlogger Michelle Dy in hot water again over ‘skin-shaming’ post

August 21, 2018 - 5:22 PM
Michelle Dy earned the ire again of more people online for her recent posts on social media. (Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos)

Filipino vlogger Michelle Dy’s recent social media posts had triggered old feuds against fellow YouTubers and earned the ire of international beauty influencers.

The latest of these posts was Dy’s perceived “skin-shaming” Instagram story.

It all started when Dy attempted to clap back at her critics with an Instagram story for making a big deal out of every single detail in her new video. Social media users were able to capture it and share it before it expired.

Part of it read, “Problemahin niyo yong mga blackheads at pimples niyo mga besh, ‘wag ‘yong picture ko. Lahat nalang. Kalerks.”

People perceived Dy’s remarks to be derogatory and insensitive for those struggling with these skin problems, particularly teenagers who look up to her.

This came just a few weeks after international makeup artist Jeffree Star accused her of copying an allegedly trademarked phrase. While it is likely that no active trademark exists, there could be a copyright concerns.

Skin positivity

London-based skin advocate Em Ford was able to get hold of a copy of Dy’s controversial story. She then aired her own dismay over Dy with an English translation of the message.

“I am disappointed and saddened that someone would use their social platforms to skin shame their own audience,” Ford said on August 18.

Dy has a huge following in Southeast Asia, Ford pointed out in another post.

“If you received some of the thousands of emails I have from my viewers in that part of the world, you’d understand why I spoke out. It honestly breaks my heart,” the social media personality said.

Ford gained fame for her viral “You Look Disgusting” video in 2015, wherein she showed how bullying online can affect people’s confidence in real life.

Since then, she used her blog “My Pale Skin” to promote self-love to her followers.

Reviving an old bad blood

The same Instagram story of Dy opened up old wounds of fellow local beauty vlogger Ana Victorino who penned an open letter to school Dy and her “minions.”

Prior to this, there were speculations that Dy copied ideas from Victorino, also known as Ana V, two years ago and got away with it.

Victorino first tried to stop people from reviving this issue again on Facebook while not naming Dy in the post.

“Yes, I felt betrayed but you know what? I used that negative energy into something positive to grow into a better person. I’ve learned a valuable lesson to always be careful when going into business with your friends,” she said.

However, it did not end there. When the issue continued to rage online, Victorino then made an open letter to Dy, this time tagging her old friend’s account. She recalled how they were once close friends until they had to end their ties.

“Kaya sana next time, instead of dropping a bomb on your bashers, learn to forgive. Open you mind and heart. Baka sakaling tigilan ka ng bashers mo once and for all if you apologize to everyone you deeply affected,” part of the thread said.

Victorino also aired her opinion on the supposed skin-shaming Instagram story, saying Dy “should be sensitive to post about beauty-related stuff being a beauty blogger or influencer.”

Dy had also previously triggered an old feud with Anna Cay, another rising blogger when she posted their private exchange from two years ago. — Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos