Fans of hit cartoon series ‘Adventure Time’ bid farewell after series finale

September 5, 2018 - 11:55 AM
(Screenshot from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time)

Cartoon fans and kids at heart are bidding farewell to Cartoon Network series’ Adventure Time, which won acclaim for its groundbreaking animation, intricate world-building and complex storylines.

The series which premiered in April 2010 aired its four-part series finale on Monday. The episode marks the conclusion of a saga that lasted for 10 seasons.

Fans struggle to let go of the show, which has been hailed for elevating the quality of western animation and inspiring animators and artists everywhere.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where earth’s lifeforms have evolved into strange creatures, the show follows the adventures of Finn, the last human in the land of Ooo, and his foster brother and best friend Jake, a talking dog with elastic powers.

Why ‘Adventure Time’ was uber-successful

While its earlier episodes featured more lighthearted moments, fans and critics praised how its storyline and world-building developed in later seasons.

It has been praised not just for its unique animation but also its mixing of fantasy and science fiction motifs as well some musical elements and occasional homage to classic films and video games.

The series has been frequently nominated for various animation awards, and has won the Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Animation multiple times.

Critics have praised the finale, saying that it was a satisfying finish that acknowledged what made it a hit with fans and animation experts.

A review from Entertainment Weekly called the show “one of the greatest TV shows ever” and praised the creators for producing a finale where the characters’ development throughout the show’s eight seasons was properly highlighted.