‘Trillanes Explains’: Former senator is now a vlogger… to fight corruption

February 19, 2020 - 2:24 PM
Antonio Trillanes as vlogger
Screengrab of former senator Antonio Trillanes IV in the first episode of his vlog "Trillanes Explains." (Screengrab from YouTube/Sonny Trillanes)

Former Sen. Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV has ventured into vlogging for him to continue to curb corruption and seek reforms in the government, this time as a private citizen.

His vlog, “Trillanes Explains” or “TRx,” will feature “exposés” about the current administration based on information he has gathered from research, people from his own network and private citizens.

Trillanes also plans to combat “fake news” and propaganda through this platform.

“Welcome to my VLOG! Noong natapos ang aking termino, naisip ko, kailangan ko pa ring magsilbi sa ating bayan. Ito ngayon ang aking paraan para mapagpatuloy ‘yun. Kaya abangan ninyo ang future episodes ng #TRX #TrillanesExplains,” he wrote on the caption.

Trillanes said that he will attempt to tackle heavy issues that were not given that much exposure or investigation due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s supposed tendency to create diversionary tactics.

The first episode of his vlog gave a preview of some issues such as the chief executive’s alleged hidden wealth in bank accounts and supposed anomalies in the Philippine Navy frigates deal.

The former legislator made his vlog public the day after he posted bail for charges on conspiracy to commit sedition over the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos that claimed Duterte, his family and his allies have links on the illegal drug trade.

A warrant of arrest was previously issued against him when he was out of the country in connection with the controversial videos reportedly narrated by Peter Joemel Advincula or “Bikoy.”

Trillanes is currently facing a string of legal suits the government has filed against him such as the 2007 Manila Peninsula siege, an inciting to sedition case over his remarks on Duterte’s bank accounts and amnesty revocation, and a libel case.

Vocal critic 

Trillanes left public office when he fulfilled his last term as a senator in June 2019. Previous reports noted that he planned to embark on an academic career at two of country’s most prestigious universities.

The former senator has a master’s degree from the National College of Public Administration and Governance.

Retreating to a private life, however, didn’t mean a discontinuation of his critical statements on the current administration, particularly Duterte himself.

Trillanes still releases official statements through his social media accounts on issues of national interest such as the Visiting Forces Agreement, happenings involving the International Criminal Court and the KAPA-Community Ministry International, Inc, among others.

In his last month as a senator, Trillanes shared in a television interview that he will continue to speak out against Duterte as an ordinary citizen and said it will serve as a message to Filipinos “that they can stand up and speak for the truth.”

Trillanes is known for being one of the chief executive’s most vocal critics. He previously said that he will “remain a very vocal and active member of the opposition” even after his service in the Senate.