Listing the inconsistencies in Paolo Duterte’s list of ‘destabilizers’

December 11, 2018 - 6:23 PM
Paolo Duterte
Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo "Pulong" Duterte (SENATE PRIB/File photo)

Paolo Duterte’s photos of a controversial list of people and organizations involved in the “Oust Duterte Movement” is fraught with inaccuracies and mistakes that the veracity of the whole is being put into question.

On the list is a certain “Jim ‘Ducky’ Paredes,” who are actually two people, brothers Jim and Ducky Paredes. Jim is the vocalist of iconic band APO Hiking Society, while Ducky is the former press secretary of late President Cory Aquino.

Carmen Pedrosa, a Philippine STAR columnist and director of Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corp., was also tagged to be a destabilizer despite being a known supporter of the president in her columns.

She was mistakenly listed as “wife of Don Ramon Pedrosa” even though her husband was late Ambassador Alberto Pedrosa.

Furthermore, the spreadsheet also contains vague characterization of groups. These are certain “mutant/cause-oriented groups,” “millennial students studying at Jesuit-run schools,” and “united opposition.”

While the post was eventually taken down, many pro-administration pages on Facebook were able to make copies of it.

Heto ang mga pangalan ng mga kilalang personalidad, grupo, partido, organisasyon, business organizations na inilahad ni…

Posted by Bongbong Marcos-Sara Duterte 2022 on Sunday, December 9, 2018

Who are the people on the list?

Names of opposition figures, members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, companies and journalists were included in Paolo Duterte’s list.

Reporter Ed Lingao reaction to his inclusion on the list.

For a fleeting moment this Sunday morning, I thought of having breakfast at Jollibee. But in the end, I decided not to….

Posted by Ed Lingao on Sunday, December 9, 2018


Lingao criticized the inclusion of himself and other journalists Maria Ressa and Ellen Tordesillas of Vera Files.

“There are many people who cannot grasp the idea that a journalist can and in fact should be critical, and that being critical is not the same as plotting the ouster of the President,” he said.

“Critical journalists are automatically dilawan, biased, bayaran presstitutes, while so-called journalists who openly and brazenly cast their lot with President Duterte are fair, balanced, and objective. Not many seem to recognize the irony of that statement,” Lingao said.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines likewise denounced the”destabilizers” label on Lingao, Ressa and Tordesillas.

“The former vice mayor has put Maria, Ellen and Ed – all of whom have already been recipients of threats recently – in even more danger by sharing this fake document, given how his family continues to enjoy a level of popularity that, in some supporters, can be described as rabid,” NUJP said.

Others on the list are known politicians Jejomar Binay and Francisco “Kit” Tatad and former Defense secretary Norberto Gonzales.

There’s also another column on the Excel file naming officials who are members of the Liberal Party or those normally ascribed with “dilawan” or “yellow” tags. It was titled “Hyatt 10.”

Three Catholic bishops on the list have also been found as retired, dead and non-existent, respectively.

Not new

Back in August, Tatad wrote a column on The Manila Times that questioned the authenticity of a rumored gathering called “Oust Duterte Movement.”

Lingao suggested that the former vice mayor of Davao city may have just put it in a spreadsheet to make it look credible.

“It is true that mister former minor politician took his post down eventually, but he did so without any correction or qualification, and not after it was seen and shared by thousands who took his word for it much like they take his father’s word for whatever comes out of his mouth,” he said.

Vice President Leni Robredo and Fr. David Reyes, who were on the list have denounced it.