Nursery student becomes ‘job applicant’ in viral ID picture

June 17, 2019 - 12:13 PM
Job applicant
A woman in a blazer taking notes. (Pexels/Stock photo)

An edited picture of a young girl gained attention on social media as it featured her in clothing meant for job applicants despite her being a nursery student.

Facebook user Macoy N Grace shared a picture meant to be used for her daughter’s school identification card and noted that the personnel in the photo studio committed a mistake, albeit a hilarious one.

“To kuya na nag-picture at print nito, para po sa school ID, ‘di po sa resume. Nursery pa lang po ang anak ko, ‘di pa po mag-a-apply ng trabaho. Tsk tsk,” she wrote.

Despite the faux pas, social media users commented that her daughter looked “pretty” in the edited picture.

“Pero ganda naman,” a Facebook user wrote.

Bagay na bagay naman no,” another user said. 

“‘Di bale, ganda pa rin naman ni baby mo sa pic,” another user commented.

Usually, photo studios edit pictures as necessary to fulfill certain requirements.

They edit the attire of the individual so that he or she appears to be wearing a formal or a business attire like a button-down polo or a collared blouse.

This is convenient for those who do not happen to wear the required attire during the picture-taking session itself.

Pictures requiring specific attires and photo background are for passports and visas, identification cards and general resumé requirements, among others.

Job applicants, for instance, are always advised to attach a formal picture on their resumé where they are expected to don a collared shirt or blouse to look professional.