‘Kain gulay’: Clothing line releases ‘wholesome’ designs amid backlash vs lewd brand

February 4, 2020 - 1:52 PM
Kain Gulay shirt
An actual shirt from online clothing store Do It Your Shirts (Do It Your Shirts via Facebook)

An online clothing brand released alternative shirt designs following the outrage against another clothing line that encouraged perceived female objectification and acts of sexual violence.

Do It Your Shirts shared its own shirt designs with the theme “Kain Gulay” (eat vegetables) that aims to highlight the concept of proper nutritional eating as well as responsible acts in private households, among others.

Its shirts have texts that urge people to be responsible and healthy individuals through the phrases “kain gulay,” “hugas plato” or wash dishes, “inom gatas” or drink milk, “tipid tubig” or conserve water, “tanim puno” or plant trees and “gawa assignment” or do (your) homework.

Each apparel costs P399 and can be obtained through courier services.

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Posted by Do It Your Shirts on Wednesday, January 29, 2020


The brand caught the online community’s attention as it was considered a wholesome alternative to the shirts with bawdy graphics by KNPP clothing line that previously earned ire of Filipinos, particularly Gabriela Women’s Party.

“Ito dapat ang sinusuot ng mga ‘Influencer’ at hindi yung puro kahalayan sa buhay. Ituro natin ang tama, wag puro kain p*p*, iba naman—like gulay lol,” Facebook user Rommel Zabala wrote.

“Ganito dapat ang prinomote ni Leng! Hehehe,” another Facebook user wrote in reference to KNPP Clothing Line’s model.

Other Filipinos even offered their own suggestions for Do It Your Shirts’ designs such as “bayad utang” or settle (your debt), “sunod utos” or follow orders, “iwas alak” or avoid alcohol and “wag magsiga” or don’t burn garbage.

The case of ‘Kain Pepe’

Last month, KNPP Clothing Line earned condemnation for its obscene shirt designs that featured the phrase “kain pepe” with graphic and promotional content.

The brand’s owner insisted that his clothing line promotes proper nutrition despite the explanation being completely out-of-context in the brand’s established concept.

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KNPP claimed that “pepe” pertains to a common Filipino nickname for young boys while “kain” supposedly refers to its basic, surface-level meaning “to eat.”

Filipinos, including Gabriela Women’s Party, were not convinced and slammed the clothing line’s perceived objectification of women through its shirt designs and marketing campaign that showed women in suggestive poses.

“Women are not objects of pleasure and satisfaction. This shameless advertising and display of merchandise that degrade, objectify and hypersexualize young girls contribute to gender stereotypes that trivialize violence against women and children,” Gabriela said before.

KNPP’s original Facebook page has since been removed or taken down along with its previous content but its new page continues to promote and sell shirts with the lewd phrase and graphics.