WATCH AND LISTEN | Audio of China Navy shooing away US aircraft over Spratlys: 'Go away quickly!' 22-May-15, 10:18 AM | | Video and Audio posted by AiirSource The Chinese navy on May 20 shooed a US surveillance plane away from artificial islands Beijing is building in the South China Sea. Watch this video and listen in one the tense and terse communications between the US and Chinese military.

China says US actions in South China Sea 'irresponsible, dangerous' 22-May-15, 11:44 PM | Sui-Lee Wee, Reuters China said on Friday it was "strongly dissatisfied" after a US military plane flew over part of the South China Sea near where China is building artificial islands, and called on the United States to stop such action or risk causing an accident.

Manila keeps diplomatic tack in West PHL Sea, but concedes higher risks of tension 22-May-15, 11:58 PM | Philippines News Agency | The Philippines is staying on the diplomatic track in the South China Sea issue even with tensions heightened amid reports the Chinese military shooed away US personnel flying a surveillance plane over Fiery Cross (Kagitingan) Reef last Wednesday.

VIDEO | PH's rare 'coral plant' among 'Top 10' new species 23-May-15, 7:27 AM | News5 | A rare and 'critically endangered' Philippine plant is among the 'Top 10' new species discovered last year, the list compiled by an American university showed.

SPECIAL REPORT | Islamic State expands its 'state' 23-May-15, 3:04 AM | Samia Nakhoul, Reuters Almost a year after Islamic State's shock capture of Mosul, Iraq's second city, the black flags of the jihadis have been raised over Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province to the west of Baghdad, seat of Iraq’s increasingly theoretical central government.

VIDEO | Emotional encounter between Kentex owners, fire victims' kin 23-May-15, 9:42 AM| Jun Loyola, News5 Some cried unabashedly, others voiced their frustration. Such was the scene during a very emotional encounter when families of victims of the fire met for the first time on Friday with the owners of Kentex Manufacturing Corp.

'PABABA ANG ANGAT' | Water at crucial Luzon dam has experts worried; save-water drive pushed 22-May-15, 4:38 PM| Government hydrologists on Friday said they continued to monitor Angat Dam, which partly supplies La Mesa Dam for Metro Manila's water supply, and is crucial as well for irrigation and hydro energy.

INFOGRAPHIC | Ping-pong in the Asian seas: who wants the boat people? 21-May-15, 3:07 PM| What started as a discovery of an apparent mass grave in the jungles of Thailand has lifted the lid off a much bigger horror involving several countries in South and Southeast Asia: the massive human trafficking in refugees, mostly stateless Rohingyas, whom neither Myanmar or Bangladesh would accept

Saving migrant lives at sea 'top priority': UN chief 23-May-15, 5:08 PM| Agence France-Presse UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says he hopes regional nations would tackle the 'root causes' of the current exodus of boat people, fleeing persecution and poverty, at an upcoming conference in Thailand.

Green groups say more Canadian trash dumped in country 22-May-15, 10:57 AM| Environmental groups reported on Friday that the Canadian firm in the center of a firestorm for shipping hazardous wastes into the country had actually sent more garbage here.

INFOGRAPHIC, VIDEOS | What to do before, during, and after an earthquake 22-May-15, 4:56 PM| Tricia Aquino, | Video by Rescue5 | Infographic by Safe Steps PHIVOLCS said Monday Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog sites traversed by the active West Valley Fault Line could be affected should a magnitude 7.2 earthquake occur once the fault line moves. Here are life-saving videos from Rescue5 and an INFOGRAPHIC with vital tips.

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