ASEAN, China discuss 'hotline' for sea dispute - Philippines 02-Aug-15, 12:20 PM | Agence France-Presse ASEAN and China are discussing setting up a "hotline" in case of an emergency regarding the territorial dispute over the South China Sea, a Philippine official said on Sunday.

Comelec declares bidding for PCOS refurbishment a failure 01-Aug-15, 6:23 PM | Jet Villa, The Commission on Election's SBAC-2 declared the PCOS refurbishment bidding process a failure after two bidders back out while a third bidder was disqualified.

Kris Aquino on PNoy endorsing Mar: silence, then, 'I promised Noy I'll keep quiet' 02-Aug-15, 2:37 PM | | With Hannibal Talete, News5 UPDATE 4:48PM-Sought for reaction to her brother's endorsement of Sec. Mar Roxas for 2016, presidential sister Kris Aquino paused for 5 seconds, then said she had "promised" to keep quiet about the matter. She confirmed VP Binay sent flowers to her mom's grave, calling his family still "friends."

Philippines vows action on Haiyan rebuilding after UN criticism 02-Aug-15, 8:10 PM | Agence France-Presse The Philippines on Sunday vowed to take further action to aid those displaced by deadly Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, following UN criticism that the government's response so far had been 'inadequate.'

UN expert scores govt for plight of refugees from conflict, 'development' 01-Aug-15, 10:17 AM | The United Nations expert on internally displaced persons scored the government for its failure to protect communities displaced or threatened by armed conflict and development' such as mining despite laws and institutions meant to address the problem.

Cecil the lion lights up New York's Empire State building 02-Aug-15, 5:09 PM| Agence France-Presse A giant picture of the beloved Zimbabwean lion killed by an American trophy hunter was among images projected Saturday onto the Empire State Building in New York in a dazzling display.

UN warns Myanmar flood toll to increase as rains lash region 02-Aug-15, 6:39 PM| Agence France-Presse The toll from flash floods and landslides in Myanmar after days of torrential rain is likely to spike, the UN warned Sunday, as monsoonal downpours brought misery to thousands across the region. Scores have perished in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam following floods and landslides.

Serge: Aquino gets 'A' for integrity, but ‘D as in dog’ for governance for shielding crooks 02-Aug-15, 3:57 PM| Ernie Reyes, For hiring his classmates, friends and firing-range buddies and covering up for their alleged corruption, President Benigno Aquino III got a grade of D, 'as in Dog,' from Senator Sergio Osmena III for his governance in the past five years.

MOVING FORWARD | ASEAN, China to negotiate Code of Conduct on South China Sea - Malaysia 02-Aug-15, 1:37 PM| Philippines News Agency | Bernama ASEAN and China have agreed to proceed to the next stage of negotiations toward the establishment of the Code of Conduct (CoC) of Parties on the South China Sea.

Mindanao braces for longer brownouts 01-Aug-15, 11:04 AM| Philippine News Agency Power consumers in North Cotabato and elsewhere in Mindanao are bracing for longer power interruptions until at least mid-August, an electric cooperative said Saturday.

CYBER INSECURITY | Smart gadgets from guns to cars ripe for hacking 02-Aug-15, 11:20 AM| Glenn Chapman, Agence France-Presse Hackers are not just after your computer: connected devices from cars to home security systems to sniper rifles are now targets for actors looking to steal or cause mischief.

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