WATCH | Three-year old Davao girl dies after her father doused her with kerosene and lighted her up


A three-year old girl from Panacan, Davao City died after being allegedly being doused with kerosene and lighted up.

Rhea May expired in hospital after going comatose, unable to survive her severely charred state.

The suspect, her father, identified as Randy Cadiente, insisted that this was an accident caused by a lighted kerosene lamp that got toppled over: “Natapon ‘yung lampara na may gas.”

But law enforcement investigators said initial findings indicated that the man doused his daughter with fuel before setting her on fire.

He acknowledged that he was under the influence of liquor at the time. He claimed to be sleeping and awakened to see his daughter already on fire.

Mary Cris Ories, the child’s mother, told News5 that she and Randy had parted ways due to his anger management issues. The girl was left in the care of her father.